A Day In The Life

Client : Red Bull

  • Camping gear packed and mounted on the roof racks. ✓
  • Rally lights. ✓
  • Snow chains. ✓
  • Rare Ferrari F40. ✓

Yes, I said Ferrari F40… This sets the stage for Red Bull’s latest and first official motorsports film, celebrating the start of their motorsports channel. This special project boarders between lifestyle and automotive culture but unlike anything anyone has seen before. This was an amazing project with countless obstacles in our path, from multiple car failures (F40’s are not meant to drive up snowy mountains) to bone chilling filming conditions; None of this hampered our crews efforts over the course of shooting and we pulled through to bring Red Bulls concept to life. Please enjoy this little bit of automotive insanity!

Director : Luke Huxham

Article on Red Bull : http://www.redbull.com/jp/ja/motorsports

Snow Weekend FEAT.F40 – Behind the scenes

Take a behind the scenes look at how we created this insane project for Red Bull. Click the image on the right or click here.

伝説のヴィンテージ・フェラーリで雪山を駆け抜ける映像作品『A Day In The Life』。その制作秘話に迫るドキュメンタリー映像。


Photo gallery

Photos by Kunihisa Kobayashi