HKS GT Supercharger

Client : HKS

With F1 level piston speed and super high rpm characteristics, the S2000 is a great representation of Japanese sports cars. This kit has been designed to try and compliment these characteristics and deliver more power as the engine rpm increases creating a forced induction system that those who love Honda engines will agree with.

Take a ride with Japanese professional race driver Taniguchi Nobuteru through the Gunsai Touge course as he pushes the GT Supercharge equipped S2000 to its limits. Learn from Arvou and HKS why the GT Supercharger kit suits any type of application, from track orientated enthusiasts to Sunday drivers.

日本を代表するスポーツカーS2000。F1エンジン並みのピストンスピード、超高回­転型のE/G特性をスポイルすることなく、HKS GTスーパーチャージャーの持つE/G回転に応じてパワー感が増していく特性を生かし­、HONDA E/Gを愛するユーザー様にも納得していただける過給器を目指しました。